How to Brew : Espresso

Set your grind or ensure you have had your beans ground to a fine ‘espresso’ setting. For the best results use freshly ground beans.

Get the right dose. Your portafilter should be evenly filled.

Tamp evenly. A level surface ensures even extraction.

Ready to go! 


If your coffee is not quite tasting right, the variables you can adjust are:

Grind size - a finer grind will increase resistance in the portafilter slowing down the flow of water. Finer grind also has greater surface area to make contact with the water. Both of these factors mean finer grind results in stronger espresso.

Volume of shot - a longer pour will mean more water is passing through the coffee, increasing extraction. But it also means the espresso is more dilute. Therefore a longer pour will be less strong, and may be slightly bitter.


**Recommended roast: Delany’s espresso.

Or try Taormina for a slightly darker brew!