Our Coffee

Roasted to our specifications by the passionate people at Caffe D’arte, our coffees typically feature Dark Roasting with complex flavours. 


“The methods and processes used in industrialized coffee production were never and will never be considered part of our approach. Instead, our blends are hand crafted in every sense; roasted in small wood fired roasters and gas fired roasters, without the help of computers that could never replace human knowledge, experience and passion.”

Our Blends are ‘Post-Blended’ to maximize flavours in the coffee and ensure the highest quality roast. All of our coffees are roasted in small batches using traditional Artisan methods of slow roasting, which brings out a full-bodied and balanced coffee with low acidity.


All of our coffees are sold in our custom 12oz valve bag to keep our beans as fresh as possible. Visit our ‘Shop’ tab to review pricing and more specific information. 


Meaning of Life: A classic full-bodied and balanced blend.


Delany’s Espresso: Big, bold hearty blend of Indonesian and African Coffees meld together to deliver a rich and satisfying taste. Suited to both drip-style, and espresso machines. This is our staple espresso used on our ins store espresso machines making your favourite speciality coffee-based beverage.


Taormina: An even bolder Espresso that pairs perfectly with chocolate based drinks.

Robins Reserve: Delany’s Darkest roast with undertones of chocolate that works well for all brew methods. 


Decaf Espresso: Medium Dark Roast. Makes a wonderful drip or French press decaf too!


Single Origins: See in store for seasonal releases of our Reserve Roasts.

Organic + Certified Fair Trade

Delany’s Premium Blend: Full-bodied, rich, smooth blend of Middle Eastern and South and Central American Coffees. Delany’s Signature Blend for good reason. 


Grouse Grind: Smooth, medium dark that provides a “gentler lift than The Grind”.  


Handsworth: Complex, deep, rich, and satisfying dark roast. Our most popular dark.


Carson: Our darkest roast. Strong, lively, confident, and bold with a hint of berries.

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