Athletes we are proud to support and fuel with coffee

Jeanelle Hazlett

Instagram : @jeanelle.haz


Jeanelle is one of the strongest trail runners in all of Canada! Living on the North Shore, she can often be found in the trails of Fromme or covering all of the North Shores finest trails in one big day. She is passionate about running but more importantly passionate about the community and energy around her. Jeanelle is often with her own athletes that she coaches through her ‘PNW Trail Runners’ community of other like-minded athletes.

The West Coast wrap is Jeanelle’s go-to at Delany’s and if it keeps her running like she is now, we say keep eating them!

We are fortunate to know and have Jeanelle frequent our North Shore locations as her desired fuelling station for adventures!

Steve Vanderhoek

Instagram : @svanderhoek


Born and raised in Lynn Valley, Steve can often be spotted sitting on our Lynn Valley patio after an adrenaline filled ride on the North Shore.  He started riding and building jumps at the age of 5 and his passion for riding and pushing the limits has only continued to grow since. If he’s not out there on his favourite trail of 5th Horseman he can found be with others in the community building and improving trails in our beautiful backyard. Over the next year Steve’s goal is to build and ride unique (insane…) trails/features and continue to film and photograph the adventures with his fiancé Kelsey.

When asked about what makes the shore so special, he iterates the fact that its “tucked right up against the mountains with instant access to world class mountain biking, skiing as well as rivers and oceans for swimming/cliff jumping/ fishing”. 

Put simply Steve is an adrenaline junky and we love keeping him caffeinated here at Delany’s! 

Keep pushing the limits Steve!