How to Brew : French Press


Preheat your press and drinking cup with hot water, discard after 1 minute

Add medium ground coffee (1.5g per 1oz water) and 2oz water (30s off boil). Gently stir for 30 seconds to bloom the coffee. Dose the remaining amount of water evenly over the grounds.

Put the lid on and push the plunger down just enough to submerge the grounds at the top of the water.

Leave to brew for 4 minutes, then complete plunging.

For best results, pour the entirety of the brew immediately into serving mugs, or a decanter. This prevents over extraction.

*Helpful hint - an 8oz (single serve) French Press will need approximately 12g or 2 tablespoons of coffee. A 32oz French Press will need 48g or 8 tablespoons of coffee.

If your coffee is not quite tasting right, the variables you can change are:

Grind size - A finger grind results in a higher extraction and strength. 

Coffee to water ratio - Too much coffee results in a higher extraction and strength, the coffee may taste too strong and sour. Insufficient coffee results in a lower extraction and more dilute brew, the coffee may taste weak and bitter.

**Recommended roast: Robins Reserve