How to Brew : Pour Over

Rinse/preheat the brewing system with water (30s off the boil), discard after 1 minute

Add medium ground coffee (2g coffee per 1oz of water) to the system.

Pre-infuse with 1oz of water for 45 seconds.

Beginning at the center of the filter, continue pouring in a slow circular motion towards the outside of the filter, then back towards the center.

Discard the filter and enjoy!

*Helpful hint - A 12oz system will need approximately 24g or 4 tablespoons of coffee. A 16oz system will need approximately 32g or 5 tablespoons of coffee.

If your coffee is not quite tasting right, the variables you can change are:

Grind size - A finger grind results in a higher extraction and strength. 

Coffee to water ratio - Too much coffee results in a higher extraction and strength, the coffee may taste too strong and sour. Insufficient coffee results in a lower extraction and more dilute brew, the coffee may taste weak and bitter.

**Recommended roast: Delany’s Premium House Blend