Robbie Doyle

-Delany’s Coffee in Edgemont Staff Member

Summer 2023.





  • Why did you decide to apply to Delany’s Coffee?

After arriving in Vancouver in January 2023, I was seeking adventure and a new beginning, I was craving a new environment that would allow me to grow as a person, as well as in new skills. Not only had I heard great things about Delany’s Coffee, from local family members, but after just one visit I knew from the warm and chatty staff members, the bright open space, and the vibey music, that this was going to be a good environment to nurture the adventures ahead.


  • What is it like working at Delany’s Coffee?

I can honestly say that Delany’s has been a major reason that my gap year has been as successful as it has. Coming into this job I knew no one in Canada, other than a few family members, and had just left a very isolating and negative job in Quebec. After spontaneously moving to Vancouver I was rather deflated and at a loss of what do with the remainder of my visa time. However, within just a few weeks of working at Delany’s, picking up shifts here and there, I had managed to establish friendly relationships with customers, and, what I hope are life long friendships with my coworkers. The environment created by this combination of people is an endorphin boosting and social one that I will never take for granted. Working at Delany’s has really allowed for growth and development and has helped me build on a side of myself I didn’t know even existed and I am so grateful to have been in an environment of such that has made this possible. With everyday at Delany’s there is another story to be told, new experiences and challenges, but mostly new memories and laughs.


  • What makes Delany’s Coffee an enjoyable place to work at?


There is something so special and pure about a local, family owned business with such humble beginnings that have carried on through to now, despite the major success like that of Delany’s Coffee House. I instantly fell in love with the overwhelming community feel that brings those four walls to life. The light hearted and chatty relationships between the staff and the customers is so unique to Delany’s, creating a harmonious vibe reflected in the many happy memories and moments shared. The relationships you build with the customers, both new and regular is something that I’m sure most people would overlook. On multiple occasions I have come away from a shift totally taken aback by the kindness of our community and their willingness to work with us to achieve Delany’s famous ‘community environment.’ On top of this, I have truly never felt so lucky to be surrounded by such an array of positive, inclusive, and funny coworkers. It has been an absolute blessing to be surrounded by these incredible people every day, people that make each day better than the ones before. There are very few places that I would willingly wake up at 5:00am for, but Delany’s opening shift is one of them!


  • Were there any surprises by working at Delany’s Coffee?

Every day at Delany’s comes with its own set of surprises, different from yesterdays and different from tomorrows. One thing that stands out for me is just how impactful a casual barista job can be. Being surrounded by such a range of people of different ages, backgrounds, career goals, and stories could in some environments create issues, however due to the warm and welcoming environment at Delany’s these differences are embraced and celebrated. I have been surprised by just how well these friendships have developed over such a short period of time, and how influential those relationships have been in my life. I have also been surprised by how small gestures, such as greeting customers by name, smiling at new faces, and small conversations across the counter can really impact someone’s day. More often than not, customers will leave Delany’s laughing or at least with a smile on their face as a result of a small, spontaneous gesture that they experienced with us and sometimes even bring it up on their next visit.



  • What will you miss about working at Delany’s Coffee?


Nothing less than everything. I cannot believe that my Delany’s chapter has come to an end, but what an incredible chapter it has been. On the outside, Delany’s may seem like just another coffee shop, a building that sells coffee, sure, but it is so much more than that. Below the surface, is a team of unique individuals that work together to host those in the community. A fun, light hearted, and warm group of people with varying backgrounds, coming together to bring others their food and drinks. I have loved getting to know the community through casual convocation, building significant and familiar relationships with both customers and coworkers, and being able to express an honest version of myself without fears of judgement or exclusion. From one extreme of light hearted and casual convocations, to another of deep and meaningful ones, I have loved every minute of getting to know those around me. I have loved that Delany’s has provided a launch pad for so many different interactions and experiences and I hope that one day everyone gets to experience something like this.


  • What’s one food or drink item you will miss?


Much like many of our customers I am prone to a classic Cajun chicken – you just can’t beat that garlic butter mixed with the chicken and cheese, and the crunch of the lettuce… DELICIOUS! I also love the lemon and poppy seed muffin! And as for drinks, it’s a toss up between the raspberry lemonade, or the mango smoothie, I just can’t pick!


  • What will you miss about living in Canada?!


Waking up every day knowing that this really is my life has been the most surreal experience and one that I will struggle to say goodbye to. I love the diversity in the environment and surroundings. From any one point you can see the sea, the mountains, the city, the beach, forests, wildlife, busy communities and so much more. I have loved seeing the change in seasons and how each one brings a unique and beautiful perspective on the different environments. I truly love my home away from home.